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TecKMagazine - H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones Review
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H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones Review
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Written by kumvjxjkz   
Thursday, 14 September 2006




H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones Review H2O Audio waterproof headphones were designed for those looking to take their music into the unchartered territory. Music is an extension of your lifestyle and consumers enjoy having access to it no matter where they go. Whether it is exercising, in the car, on a plane or wherever, consumers will always find a way to make their music accessible. The one place that would be considered a no-no would be anywhere near the water.

Electronic devices and water usually spell disaster but with the H2O Audio waterproof headphones, you don't have to worry anymore. I was able to pick up a set of these headphones and here is what I discovered about them.

The first thing I noticed is that these headphones come as one piece and ready to wear. The headphones are flexible but lightweight and sturdy. The only items you need to assemble is the earplugs. These are important because it helps keep water from entering your ear canal during submersion. You will need to cut the earplug to make sure that it fits your ears tightly.

The H2O Audio waterproof headphones has adjustable ear clips, a neckwrap, waterproof speakers and a coiled cable to prevent tangles.
The silicone earplugs contain four barbs on it. You can use a pair of scissors to cut the barbs off. Make sure you cut one at a time from the outside to the inside until you find the appropriate barb that fits your ear.

Once you have all of the initial setup steps completed, wrap the headphones are the back of your head and turn the ear clips inward so that the earplugs line up with your ears. Insert the earplugs into your ear canal but don't force them in too tight. If the neckwrap is in the way, you can remove it and use the ear clips separately.

H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones Review Upon reading the packaging carefully, you will see that the headphones will work only to a depth of ten feet. Now unless you get a waterproof portable audio player, you will need to find a waterproof case for it. H2O Audio sells waterproof cases for the entire Apple iPod line. Make sure that before you head into the water that your electronic devices are protected.

In the final word, I found the H2O Audio waterproof headphones to be an excellent lightweight, waterproof solution that water sport fans will enjoy. I tried these headphones with a waterproof MP3 audio player in a relative's swimming pool. Surprisingly, the headphones performed the same whether being submerged or not. Unfortunately, the pool wasn't deeper than ten feet so I couldn't find out what would happen when you go beyond the ten foot limit.

The H2O Audio waterproof headphones earns 4.25 stars out of 5. Highly recommended.

You can purchase the H2O Audio waterproof headphones and their waterproof audio cases from the company’s official website located at http://www.h2oaudio.com.

About H2O Audio
H2O Audio was founded on an idea that we shouldn't be bounded where we listen to our music just because we are passionate about our water, snow and sand sports. Why should the runners and cyclists get to keep their tunes on while they play, but our MP3 players are locked in our cars, or sitting on shore yearning to play the soundtrack we imagine in our mind. It just wasn't fair, and because we didn't want to sit around and whine about it, we chose to find a solution. Not just any solution, we chose to find the solution. Visit them online at http://www.h2oaudio.com.
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